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About J-Phish
This isn't your normal hip hop. All the way from the look he brings, to the content he puts out, this music is different than your average. Tired of hearing about women, money and the club over a trap beat? Well, then you are in the right place.

Born in Baltimore, raised in southern PA, J-Phish has the exact opposite story from your typical rapper... but a stronger message. In his music you will be captivated by beats and an eerie flow while being immersed in stories of God's grace. Thats right, God in rap music. Only one way to satisfy your curiosity.... listen to the music!


July 8th
Eternally Young and Free Tour
featuring Illijam, J-Phish, Rockstar JT and Montell Fish
Grace Fellowship Church, Shrewsbury
6-9 pm

May 4 2017
Afton Club, Philadelphia
630 pm
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June 25th
Oxygen Club, Baltimore
7 pm